When you calculate the overall cost of your household energy.
Home and water heating accounts for 50–80% of your overall energy expenses.
Wouldn't it be good to target this source where your largest energy savings occur?
Solar water heating provides you the greatest savings even in winter.

Solar water heating is probably the most efficient way to save the most money on your energy bill.

Really, I hear you say…

When you consider that anything from 50% to 80% of your energy bill is used for heating your home and water, you realise that this is where your greatest savings are made. We all buy energy saving appliances, and don’t keep them plugged in on standby, using timers and smart energy devices. It makes us feel good when we are doing something positive for the environment and our pockets.

Yet the biggest energy consumption in your home comes from heating and water. Installing solar water heating panels on the roof is a cost-effective method to heat water. The heated water from the water solar panel is then stored in a specially insulated tank.

  • Your hot water for heating and cold water are running through this tank to preheat it or fully heat it.
  • Requiring little or no energy to warm it for a shower or to wash something.
  • Furthermore, the same principle applies for heating the house.
  • The power of the sun is preheating your heating pipes and water tank for free.
  • The temperature in winter can heat your home by 30% to 90% of its capacity.
  • Leaving a small amount of energy needed to top up the heat to your preferred temperature.




Moreover, you can cut your energy bills with this simple system. Installing solar water heating systems is cheaper than installing solar photovoltaic panels. (Solar water heating panels are devices that use sunlight to heat water; solar photovoltaic panels are used to generate electricity from sunlight.) This option is by far the most underused and overlooked in the renewable sector. The lowest investment has the highest savings against your energy usage and cost. The payback period for solar water heating systems is typically much shorter than for solar photovoltaic panels. The reduction of carbon emissions is significant with the use of solar water heating systems. Maintenance of the solar water heating panels is very low. Solar water heating systems can also increase the value of your property. A home with a high energy saving value is desirable and often sells faster than a comparable home without energy saving features.


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