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We started our solar and renewable energy adventure fifteen years ago when we relocated to the Middle East from the UK. I believed that in a nation with one of the highest per capita energy consumption rates in the world, a plentiful supply of long sunny days would facilitate the simple adoption of solar power. I was sadly mistaken by this logic in an environment driven by fossil fuel promoters. Creating an environment of opposition to solar energy adoption, we directed our efforts towards Africa and underdeveloped countries, where there was a greater need for electricity and high gasoline prices. Smaller devices for lighting were quickly found to be poorly built and out of budget for the general public since many of the individuals who would need them had relatively modest daily incomes.

Our journey in renewables had to be paused as we were not purely driven by profit, not having a positive impact on the environment, or improving people’s
lives, meant we would have to wait for a better time. Here we are, fifteen years later, having returned to Europe a few years ago once more. We have a family now, and we reside in an isolated part of the Italian Apennine Mountains in the north. We discovered that we needed to make adjustments to our lifestyles and meet new energy requirements.

After looking for solutions we could use in our leased apartment, we had a lot of difficulty understanding how to adapt electronic devices to meet our needs since there was a lot of complicated information and technical data to go through. It was such a battle! In their writing, manufacturers seemed to be addressing technical people or those who intended to live completely off the grid and required precise computations. Despite our prior experience in the industry and solid understanding, it was also difficult for us to. This is not how the previous fifteen years should have seen us develop. After finding practical solutions to our obstacles and constraints, we were left with more questions than answers.


We knew there were many out there also needing simple solutions to adopt and have outlined them in straight forward language without excess jargon. Early in 2023, the idea that a website was necessary was formed. After talking to other users who had previously adopted solutions, we spent many hours doing research to determine what information was lacking and what was already available for use. A user-friendly website that satisfied the demands of our intended audience was the final product.

All of the facts and descriptions have been expressed as simply as possible; this may seem obvious, and it should be. If that was the goal the companies in the sector were aiming for, a few of them are making progress year after year. We were able to identify the many gaps in the information and have provided it to you on this website.

We’ll provide technical information for individuals who want to go further into this field, but our major goal is to make sure you have easy-to-implement solutions that you can use tomorrow to start saving money on your energy costs.

For those readers who are there living their lives wishing the world would be just a little different so you can make meaningful choices in your life or to make a difference in the environment and similarly reduce your energy costs, those who want renewable energy in their lives without the need to go off grid will find the information on these pages.

Users who have used these items have provided written answers on how they resolved their problems. There’s no better way to avoid having to try everything yourself than to learn from others’ experiences. Without a doubt, there can be circumstances that neither our authors nor ourselves have encountered. In general, the majority of scenarios are covered; more instances will be added every month as we validate the data and/or goods used and encountered. A segment devoted to emerging technology that is on the verge of becoming a reality will be included.

Each solution should, in our opinion, both positively reduce the amount of energy coming from the main grid and provide consumers with an easy-to-use, workable option. Lower your energy costs and provide independence from grid limitations. We are not provided with any of the items that you see for free. The products that are discussed were purchased with money that we, along with every user, paid for.

Our commitment

All reviews are from actual users of the product who have paid for the items and are not given to anyone for free in return for a favourable review. If in the future any manufacturer offers such a product for a review, it will be an impartial review of the features values of the item and in line with the values of the solution this site aims to offer.


We stand by the excellence of the products listed on the website; users have attested to their suitability and ability to meet real-world requirements for performance, dependability, quality, and safety standards.


We actively work to improve both local and global communities and are firmly rooted in them. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled dedication to sustainability and ethical conduct.


We prioritize environmentally responsible practices in all aspects of our personal and business lives


We’ll continue to develop this website to provide more options for people who reside outside of the USA and the UK, where our present partners can assist. to make these services available for users in all of the world’s main regions.
We are currently developing a wind turbine that provides the finest possible balance between size and energy output and is simple to operate. Recognising that typical wind turbines on poles and masts will not provide a solution to urban life. Our goal is to provide a workable, reasonable, and realistic answer. Before we post any content online, it will first be made available via our newsletter.

Our experts

Are users who have the same personal goals and ambitions to reduce their energy reliance on the grid supply, thus reducing their personal carbon footprint. For all the greater good we know and understand this will bring for us and future generations. Our experts are versed in these products and with their own expense have purchased the items they suggest after a great deal of research has been done. Which is the ley reason we have trust and faith in the suggestions made and advice given.