Solar power for heating water

Huge saving made on your energy bells from preheating water with solar

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Solar Water Heating

Probably the most efficient way to save the most amount of money on your energy bill. Really I hear you say..

When you consider that anything from 54% to 65% of your energy bill is used for heating hour home and water. You will realise that this is where greatest savings are made for your home energy use.

We try to purchase the most energy efficient appliances, or use smart devices, and timers to stop the TV as an example to remain on standby, it makes us feel good when we are doing something positive for the environment and our pockets.

Yet the biggest energy consumer in your home is heating and water.  If you install a solar water heating panel on the roof, this is a low investment and easy to heat water which goes into a insulated storage tank.

Both your hot water & heating pipes are running through this tank to preheat it or fully heat it. requiring little or no energy from a boiler to warm it for a shower or to wash something. The same principal applies for heating the house. All your heating pipes and water tank are preheated with the water powered by the sun. The temperature in winter can heat your home from 30-90% of it from this heat alone. Leaving only a small amount of energy needed to top up the heat to your preferred temperature.  

Your energy bills can drop dramatically with this simple single system.



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