Balcony power / apartment solar

It does not matter if your apartment has a balcony or not:

A solar package can be suitable for you. If your goal is to power devices, you can simply place a single panel at the window with the most sunlight. Connect it to a portable battery generator, and it will charge throughout the day.

Later on in the evening or overnight, you can connect your devices to it and charge them for free. It is highly likely that you’ll have extra energy left over. In that case, you can plug in any other electrical device or even use a small heater to warm up a room, and so on. Prioritising your needs and goals is important because the possibilities are endless.

If you have a larger window space or have a balcony, then the energy produced will be greater than, as well as the opportunity to use more of this energy to power more items as you need them. Fridges are always on, so let us consider mainly those items which you turn on when you need.

This could be your electric stove top (induction is ideal type) as it uses the energy most efficiently and is controllable.

Room Heaters in winter if you are in a cold region. A cooler if you are in a warm region, TV, Game Console, Computer & Printer.

The list of options increases with the extra power you have.

A portable generator allows for easy, movement around the apartment as you need it.

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