Living in an apartment does not have to limit your ability to harness the power of solar energy.

By strategically placing solar panels on your balcony or windows, you can significantly reduce your reliance on the grid and lower your energy bills.


If your goal is to power devices, you can simply place a single panel at the window with the most sunlight. Connect the panel to a portable battery generator so it can charge during the day. Then, in the evening or overnight, you can connect your devices to it and charge them for free.

It is likely that you’ll have extra energy left over. Plug in another electrical device, and the options are endless. Prioritising your needs and goals is important because the possibilities are endless.
Having more window space or a balcony will result in greater energy production. This provides more opportunities to power additional items as needed.

Fridges are always on, instead let us consider those items that you turn on when you need them. The electric stove top (induction) is a type of stove that heats using electromagnetic energy, known for its efficiency and controllability. – Room heaters* – Cooler* – TV* – Game console computer, printer. *Room heaters in winter if you are in a cold region. cooler if you are in a warm region).

The list of options increases with the extra power you have. A portable generator allows for easy movement around the apartment as you need it. Moreover, considering different energy needs and available space can help maximise the benefits of solar panels in an apartment setting. It is important to consider the orientation of your apartment and potential shading from nearby buildings or trees when installing solar panels, you will know your location well enough to understand the potential of using solar. 

To experiment with balcony solar. A family of three purchased a 150-watt solar panel with an 800-watt battery generator. After the initial charge, which took 2 days in winter, they were able to use this free energy to charge 3 phones, a battery bank, 2 smart watches, and a laptop every night, as well as a printer when needed.

They were impressed by how much money they were able to save each month on their electricity bill. They are now planning to add more panels and a larger generator to power more devices in their apartment.

It has created an excitement to continue finding ways to be more energy efficient and reduce their carbon footprint.